What is Currency Pair? Understand Currency Exchange Rate

So if you want to trade exotics currency pairs, remember to factor this in your decision. The first listed currency of a currency pair is called the base currency, and the second currency is called the quote currency. There was no regulatory framework here, which made the whole affair a bit shady. Exotic currency pairs are made up of one major currency paired with the currency of an emerging economy, such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile or Hungary.

In this chapter, I’ll try and give you information on how these contracts are structured so that you can trade them effortlessly. Open a demo account to trade risk-free with £10,000 worth of virtual funds. Stop-loss orders can help to protect your positions and close you out if the market turns unfavourable. EurocurrencyEurocurrency refers to any currency deposited in banks anywhere outside the country that issued it. Economic GrowthEconomic growth refers to an increase in the aggregated production and market value of economic commodities and services in an economy over a specific period. This can be lagging or trend-following indicator as this would be based on previous numbers.

  • The USD/CAD (US Dollar/Canadian Dollar) or ‘Loonie’ is also heavily affected by oil, timber and natural gas.
  • For a retail trader, 500-pips could represent a month’s profit.
  • All forex trades involve the simultaneous purchase of one currency and sale of another, but the currency pair itself can be thought of as a single unit—an instrument that is bought or sold.
  • Exchange platforms allow market participants to swap a particular currency in their possession for a different one.
  • In this chapter, I’ll try and give you information on how these contracts are structured so that you can trade them effortlessly.

The pound and the US dollar are reactive to global economic news. Always check fundamentals for both countries before trading GBP/USD. EUR/USD is reactive to economic news, especially the monthly non-farm payroll announcement on the first Friday of each month. When we mention support and resistance zones, these are not typically one specific price.

The Pecking Order in Currency Pairs

Trading or investing in financial instruments such as cryptos may not be suitable for all investors. It does involve risk and the possibility of a loss of capital. There are no guarantees for profiting from cryptocurrencies, and it’s advisable only to risk what you can comfortably afford to lose. The current resistance zone is holding for several days, but price action is weak, indicating uncertainty in the market.

Alternatively, when a forex trader shorts the EUR/USD currency pair, they speculate that the value of the U.S. dollar will rise above the euro. The changes in currency exchange rates are known as the percentage-in-pointmovement . A good currency pair has liquidity and volume, which means a good money flow in the market for the currency pairs you are trading.

Currency pairs, which can be found within the foreign exchange market, measure the value of one currency against another. The currency pair is split into the ‘base’ currency, which is the first named currency; and the secondary currency, which is called the ‘quote’ currency. The price displayed shows how much of the quote currency is required to buy one unit of the base currency. The main fundamentals that affect currency pairs are changes in overnight interest rates by central banks, economic data and politics.

When you are considering trading, this is a choice that you may have to make depending on which payroll accountant your broker decides to offer. Ultimately, the choice is up to you, though there are a couple of key points to note when you are trading in each different category of currency pairs. The exact number is difficult to come by as some exotic pairs come and go each year.

This, in turn, can increase demand for that country’s currency, which will cause the price to rise. Similar to GBP/EUR or USD/CAD, EUR/CHF sees two closely-tied economies pitted against each other – the Swiss economy against and the eurozone. Like other CHF pairs in this article, EUR/CHF can be seen as a relatively stable pair due to Switzerland’s safe haven status. Its almost 8 months now….and Zerodha is yet to start the cross currency trading????

For instance, if EUR/USD is 1.09, it means one Euro is equal to 1.09 US Dollars. In a currency pair, the first currency is the base currency and the second currency is the quote currency. The value of a currency pair is always given in the quote currency. In the example given above, Euro is the base currency https://1investing.in/ and the US Dollar is the quote currency. A few years ago, there were no regulations for currency trading in India and investors had to open a trading account with brokerages situated abroad. However, now it is possible to legally trade in currency pair futures with proper regulation in place.

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The EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar) nicknamed ‘Fiber’ is the world’s most traded currency pair commanding 23% of FX transactions in 2016. The Euro and the US Dollar represent the two largest economies in the world, the US Economy and the European Union. Sometimes the term base currency may also refer to the functional currency of a bank or company, usually their domestic currency. For example, a British bank may use GBP as a base currency for accounting, because all profits and losses are converted to sterling.

Like the EUR/JPY, the EUR/CHF gains its popularity from the fact that the Franc is a safe-haven currency. The EUR/CHF is also therefore seen as a popular currency cross pair during times of market volatility. As with all currencies, these central banks shouldn’t be underestimated. Changes to monetary policy from either of them can lead to NZD/USD volatility. Both are highly correlated because the United Kingdom’s economy is tied to the European Union. Nonetheless, when trading currencies, investors are selling one currency in order to buy another.

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In India, currency is traded in the derivatives market as currency futures and options. Interest rates – central banks are responsible for preserving monetary and financial stability. Suppose a CENTRAL BANK CENTRAL BANK A government or quasi-governmental entity in charge of a country’s monetary policy is known as a central bank. The Federal Reserve in the United States is one example, while the Bundesbank in Germany is another. The US dollar is not in any cross currency PAIR PAIR The practice of quoting one currency against another in forex. As a result, traders should keep themselves informed on the different monetary policies of both central banks before opening a position on the NZD/USD pair.

Liquidity in the Major, Minor and Exotic Currency Pairs

The first currency in the pair is called the base currency, the value of which is quoted against the second currency or quote currency. SpreadsSpread is the price, interest rate, or yield differentials of stocks, bonds, futures contracts, options, and currency pairs of related quantities. Instead of buying commodity stocks, traders can exchange for a commodity pair. These are from nations with a currency significantly tied to fluctuations in commodity prices. Economic Data – Economic releases are reports that give traders a glimpse into the performance of a nation’s economy.

currency pairs

The last decimal place to which a particular exchange rate is usually quoted is referred to as a pip . Some online forex providers typically quote no more than a fixed 1-point spread between the bid and offer on major forex pairs, and liquid cross rates in normal market conditions. The definition of ‘major currency pairs will differ among traders, but most will include the four most popular pairs to trade – EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. ‘Commodity currencies’ and ‘cross pairs’ are also categorized as majors.

Exotic Currency Pairs

In the Forex market, the Swiss franc is considered a safe haven currency, hence the reason the USDCHF experienced mixed results during the 2008 period. However, unlike the Canadian dollar or Australian dollar, the NZD isn’t typically tied to the fluctuations of one commodity. Despite the small size of New Zealand, the small island nation has an abundance of natural resources. However, the country’s significant agricultural presence is what attracts the “commodity currency” label. As the name implies, commodity currencies are those that rely on their respective country’s export activities. As such, you are now somewhat limited in what you can do should a favorable setup arise on a more liquid pair such as the EURUSD or the USDCAD.

Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. You could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. The pair of a major currency and currency of a developing country (Turkey, Singapore, Mexico, etc.) is called exotic currency pair.

All contracts traded have an initial margin of 2% and an extreme loss margin of 1%. The margin will be in INR, but the contracts will be traded in quote currency and the margin will be converted into the quote currency. Trades placed before 2 PM use the reference rate of the previous day, while the trades placed after 2 PM, use the reference rate of the trading day. It is possible to treat a currency pair as a single entity and apply buying and selling operations to it as a whole. For example, if a trader purchases the BTC/USD currency pair, they receive the base currency, BTC, in exchange for the quote currency, USD.

You would never buy a house without understanding the mortgage, right? Yet when it comes to the Forex market, many traders forget to familiarize themselves with the currency pairs they’re buying and selling. Exotic currencies pairs include the currencies of emerging markets, such as Brazil, Mexico or Hungary. These pairs are not as liquid, much more volatile and the spreads are much wider.

Plan your trading

DebtDebt is the practice of borrowing a tangible item, primarily money by an individual, business, or government, from another person, financial institution, or state. Support LevelsSupport level refers to a point in the securities trading below which the price of the security does not fall. Hedge Fund RiskThe main reason for investing in hedge funds is to diversify the funds and maximize the investor’s returns. However, high returns come with a cost of higher risk since hedge funds are invested in risky portfolios and derivatives, which has inherent risk, and market risk in it.

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